At what stage your research? Planning an experiment, mining a new dataset, or addressing reviewer remarks to the last manuscript? If a specific expertise is missing, we could assist with computational and statistical issues.
We possess multi-year, credit-rich experience in biomedical data analysis, distinguished by adequate, evidence-oriented statistical approach.

EviStatis a boutique consultancy which offers biostatistics and bioinformatics services. We provide our expertise to clinical and life sciences research, epidemiology, and public health.

We Offer
  • Broad spectrum of basic and advanced methods, applicable to big data amounts.
  • Own tools for functional annotation and interpretation of biological data.
  • Unique combination of bioinformatics, systems biology, and biostatistics expertise from the same service provider.
  • Extensive experience in scientific writing, such as statistical contributions to publications, online manuals etc.
  • Custom-tailored and cost-effective support: from brief consultation to in-depth data analysis and/or service subscription. Your funding applications would be more convincing with our budget estimates.

Be a certain area of expertise lacking, we could suggest whom you can turn to or recommend a relevant tool.

We Work With

– Commercial clients in biotech, pharma and medical device companies globally.

– Clinical researchers in public and private practice.

– Medical and life sciences researchers in academia.